AGES 8 - 18+

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Warriors Under 18 team to take on USAF Alconbury in friendly

On Friday 10th July 2015 East Cambs Warriors Under 18 team will tip off at 7:00pm in a friendly match against USAF Alconbury Under 18 team.

East Cambs Warriors Under 18 team have been invited by USAF Alconbury to play in a friendly match at RAF Alconbury on Friday 10th July at 7pm. The game is to be played at RAF Alconbury in either the high school or base gymnasium. Head Coach Rob Knapper said “I was contacted by the head coach of RAF Alconbury asking if we would like to play against them in a friendly. Straight away I said yes. This is a great chance for us to build relations with or friends at RAF Alconbury and although we go there under no illusions that it will be easy for us, I hope that my guys will make it a competitive game. It will also be an opportunity for the players to play on an American court under American rules. I also hope that we will be able to make this a more regular occurrence”.

Any Warrior aged from the Under 16 and Under 18 team is able to play, however they must contact head coach Rob Knapper with their details as we cannot allow you to turn up on the day to play, due to security reasons.