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Trophy winners announced

On Wednesday 19th August 2015 the East Cambs Warriors had their annual trophy presentation and Annual General meeting at the Glebe in Sutton. Also as is tradition, the Warriors had their annual basketball quiz, with the questions being set by head coach Rob Knapper.

There were 9 trophies to award this season, three for each team. The awards given were for Most Valuable Player (selected by the team coaches), Most Improved Player (selected by the coaches) and Players Most Valuable Player (selected by the players on each team).

Ethan Scurrah, Matt Juden and Hayden Brown were the top winners, both winning two trophies each. A full list of award winners can be found below.

Under 14 Team:
Most Valuable Player – Ethan Scurrah
Most Improved Player – Maria Garcia Delclos (no longer with the club having moved back to Spain)
Players Most Valuable Player – Luke Wylie

Under 16 Team:
Most Valuable Player: Matt Juden
Most Improved Player: Ethan Scurrah
Players Most Valuable Player: Alex Needham

Under 18 Team:
Most Valuable Player: Matt Juden
Most Improved Player: Hayden Brown
Players Most Valuable Player: Hayden Brown

Head Coach Rob Knapper said “It was a great first season as the East Cambs Warriors, and the players have done themselves and the club proud. As we move onto next season, it gives those that did not win a trophy a target to aim for. We hope that as the players improve we will win more and more games and eventually add team trophies to the individual ones. Special mention goes to Ryan Maton, Matt Juden and Sam Green, who won the quiz. I set some tough questions this year. They received a tray of cupcakes made by the official cake supplier to the club Pat A Bakes”.