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Basketball England and Club membership now open

Registrations for this season is now open and can be found on the membership portal of the Basketball England (BE) website.

ALL East Cambs players and coaches must be registered in order to be able to take part in games and also provides you with insurance for the season, should you get injured.  THIS APPLIES TO BOTH SENIOR AND JUNIOR MEMBERS.

If you are already an existing member of Basketball England (you have already registered as a player or official in previous seasons) you just need to login with your details and complete the relevant sections.  Membership to BE is free, however, any licenses need to be paid for, such as player, coach, referee etc.  However, only one registration fee will be paid, whichever is the highest.

Once you reach the payment option for your BE registration, please select My Club/Organisation Pays – you then need to enter the club name East Cambs Basketball Club OR the club code CA3700, then check out.  The club will receive confirmation of your pending registration.

When it comes to payment for your registration, this season THE CLUB ARE PAYING.  This will be part of the club membership fee which for this season is:

Senior Members:  £50

Junior Members: £30

Payment to teh club can be made by Cash to any of the coaches at the training session or bank transfer to the club account.  REGISTRATION WILL NOT BE PAID WITHOUT CLUB MEMBERSHIP BEING PAID.

As well as your registration for Basketball England, your club membership also covers Club, League and Team registration – For instance this season to enter both the Nene and Cambs leagues for the seniors will cost around £200 for the Nene League ( 2 senior teams) and £100 for the Cambridge League.  Junior leagues will be decided upon numbers.  It also helps to cover administration costs throughout the year, and basically helps the club survive through the season.

Any questions then please contact the club or speak with Coach Rob.